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To conclude the argument of both sides was whether to let Ken die or not.

whose life is it anyway

The first thing he would have been asked was how he would like to have been called and everybody will call him in that manner. It is set outside so the film crew were doing a location shot. She wants to be personal but is cautious due to her professional training. Brian Clark wanted to get the audience to think of them as two rivals equally matched.

The issue is highly opinionated, and the fact that Ken fights for his own right to die questions morals and ethics, both from the audience, and society as a whole. Euthanasia is at present illegal in the United Kingdom where the play is set.

So everybody makes me feel worse because I make them feel guilty. It was abolished in but some aspects still remain to help protect the rights of patients. He is however very determined to exercise a choice over his own life or death.

The characters are used to give both sides of the argument. Oh doctor… one more thing. Whenever Ken says a joke that lowers his self esteem, the audience feels even sorrier for him, which builds up and when he dies it is very saddening because all that feelings for Ken are released when he dies.

Characters are used as dramatic devices to highlight different views in the argument. The audience sees that Ken wants people around him to view him just as much a real person as anyone else. The only person who is personal to him is John, but Kay, the new nurse is between the two.

Did sister say you could have that chair. Few have been allowed. Emerson injects valium saying to Dr. Also at the same time I want the audience to be happy that you have won your tough fight against the medical profession this is going to be a difficult task to pull off but I am confident that you can make the audience feel for you.

We also see how the medical profession becomes less interested in the patients feelings the higher up the authority ladder.

Characters are used as dramatic devices to highlight different views in the argument. I was halfway through Mr Patel. With only a mind to think and a mouth to speak, Ken cleverly uses them as his weapons. They might also sympathize a little for Dr.

When situations like this crop up in the script I want you respond very quickly before nurse saddler for instance would have time to respond to the sisters question.

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Also he would be given information about his treatment and the right to refuse certain treatments if he wished. It surely must be that she also thinks that his death is the right decision, but she is obliged as a doctor to say otherwise.

It makes the audience question how its fair that there is a man, just as good as anybody else wanting to die because he has nothing to live for and no one cares enough to think about him outside the hospital.

I want you when performing parts like this one to sound angry but then sound kind after the other character has said their line.

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Scott comes to inject the valium he correctly guesses that it is a seductive and also Dr. Ken although he is going to die, is pleased with his resulting win. For most of the play the audience are on the doctors side because they describe Ken to be so depressed that he cannot make a rational decision on his own.

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Also he would be given information about his treatment and the right to refuse certain treatments if he wished. This time the swing was because Ken was being told what to do by someone not involved in his condition.

This adds to the action as you get to see the crash. The picture of Ken we get through the play is that he is a very intelligent man we see this throughout the conversations in the play. Whose Life Is It Anyway?

– College essay writers block.

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Whose Life Is It Anyway Essay

Whose Life is it anyway? ” is a play by Brian Clark, written in the late ’s, and tells the story of paralysed Ken Harrison and his fight against the establishment, particularly Doctor Emerson the consultant physician, to be allowed the choice to end his life.

More Essay Examples on Comedy Rubric. The characters play a significant role in this play. Ken is an example of this.

He is able to give the audience an insight into his life by conveying his ideas. The play "Whose Life Is It Anyway" by Brian Clark was made into a stage play and film. The television play was made in and the stage plays in In the play,” written by Brian Clarke, the intense argument of committing Voluntary Euthanasia is discussed.

English Essay A play that I have read is “whose life is it anyway?” which was written by Brian Clark and I thought it was good. In the play Ken, who is a paralyzed man who .

Whose life is it anyway essay
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Whose Life Is It Anyway?