The life and works of american film director ana lily amirpour

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Ana Lily Amirpour

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Creator Cameo

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1. a new favourite filmmaker: After Hours (Karen Yasinsky, ) The Lonely Life of Debby Adams (Karen Yasinsky, ). 2. action & process collapse onscreen & within. Iranian-American screenwriter and director Ana Lily Amirpour, who grew up in a Farsi-speaking household in Bakersfield, Calif., first garnered buzz at Sundance in for her vampire spaghetti.

Nov 16,  · “Girl” is set in a small oil town in Iran, but the film is very much a product of two California cities: Los Angeles, where the director, Ana Lily Amirpour, attended film school, and Bakersfield, where she spent her formative years going to the mall, watching movies and reading Anne Rice.

When director Ana Lily Amirpour showed up to Jim Carrey's art studio, she wore a pillowcase over her head, featuring two cut-out eyeholes and a Sharpie frownie face. Ana Lily Amirpour is an English film director, screenwriter, producer and actor.

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Early life. Amirpour was born in England, and moved to Miami, Florida with her family when she was young. Her family then settled in Bakersfield, Alma mater: San Francisco State University, University of California.

Why You Should Follow Her: The writer-director of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” and “The Bad Batch,” Ana Lily Amirpour’s Instagram is a frequently updated look into her wild life.

The life and works of american film director ana lily amirpour
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